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tachometer 65546bd7d1bdc - TACHOMETER

TACHOMETER 20513343, 21138239, 21426987





Soopart which is established in Ottawa- Canada in 2020 by Abbas Soodbar with a background of experience since 1993 (as a part of Soodbar General Trading).is distributing a variety of truck, construction, bus and generators spare parts such as:
– Engine, mounting and equipment
– Electric systems and instruments
– Transmissions
– Brakes
– Axles, Suspensions and Steering
– Frame, Spring, shocks and wheels
– Body, Cab and Interior
– Miscellaneous
For many kinds of Volvo, Scania, Mercedes Benz Trucks and Deutz(KHD) engines we have a list of parts manufactured by the most famous and well-known European companies.

Also, we have a list of parts for Volvo Generators, Volvo bus and Volvo construction which will cover the needs of our customers in these fields
TACHOMETER Suitable for

Volvo Trucks
FE/FL, FH12, FH16, FM12

Volvo Bus
B12B, B12M, B12R, B13RB7R, B9L, B9R, B9SB9TL

Volvo Off Road
More then 200 models of articulated haulersand wheel loadersEx.VolvoA25D, A25E, A25F, A25GA30D, A30E, A30F, A30GA35F, A35G, A40F, A40GEC350E, EC380E, EC480E, EC700BEC700C, G930, G940, G946G960, G970, G976, G990L60H, L70H, L90H, L150HL180H, L220H, L250H, L350F

Volvo Marine & Industry
D11B1-A MP, D11B2-A MP (IPS), D12C-A MP, D12D-A MHD12D-A MP, D12D-B MH, D12D-B MP, D12D-C MHD12D-C MP, D12D-D MP, D12D-E MH, D12D-E MPD12D-F MP, D12D-G MH, D12D-G MP, D12D-H MPD13B-E MH, D13B-N MH, D13C1-A MP, D13C2-A MPD13C3-A MP, D13C4-A MP, D-340A-G, D4-180I-FD4-225A-F, D4-225I-F, D4-260A-F, D4-260D-FD4-260I-F, D4-300A-F, D4-300D-F, D4-300I-FD6-300A-F, D6-300A-G, D6-300D-G, D6-300I-FD6-300I-G, D6-330A-F, D6-330I-F, D6-340D-GD6-340I-G, D6-370A-F, D6-370D-F, D6-370I-FD6-380A-G, D6-380D-G, D6-380I-G, D6-400A-FD6-400A-G, D6-435D-F, D6-435I-SC-F, D6-435I-WJ-FD6-440A-G, D6-440D-G, D6-440I-G, D6-440I-WJ-GD6-480D-G, D6-480I-G, D6-480I-WJ-G, TAD1170VETAD1171VE, TAD1172VE, TAD1340VE, TAD1341GETAD1341VE, TAD1342GE, TAD1342VE, TAD1343GETAD1343VE, TAD1344GE, TAD1344VE, TAD1345GETAD1350GE, TAD1350VE, TAD1351GE, TAD1352GETAD1353GE, TAD1360VE, TAD1361VE, TAD1362VETAD1363VE, TAD1364VE, TAD1365VE, TAD1371VETAD1372VE, TAD1373VE, TAD1374VE, TAD1375VETAD1640GE, TAD1640VE-B, TAD1641GE, TAD1641VETAD1641VE-B, TAD1642GE, TAD1642VE, TAD1642VE-BTAD1643VE, TAD1650GE, TAD1650VE, TAD1651GETAD1660VE, TAD1661VE, TAD1662VE, TAD1670VETAD1671VE, TAD1672VE, TAD540VE, TAD541VETAD542VE, TAD550VE, TAD551VE, TAD552VETAD560VE, TAD561VE, TAD570VE, TAD571VETAD572VE, TAD734GE, TAD752GE, TAD753GETAD754GE, TAD761VE, TAD762VE, TAD763VETAD764VE, TAD765VE, TAD840VE, TAD841VETAD842VE, TAD843VE, TAD850VE, TAD851VETAD852VE, TAD853VE, TAD870VE, TAD871VETAD872VE, TAD873VE, TAD940VE, TAD941VETAD942VE, TAD943VE, TAD950VE, TAD951VETAD952VE, TWD1643GE, TWD1652GE, TWD1653GETWD1663GE
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