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speed sensor 65546ba9e0622 - SPEED SENSOR

SPEED SENSOR 22387296, 20720686, 20720586, 20514417, 20583477, 21643804, 22118397, 7422387296





Soopart which is established in Ottawa- Canada in 2020 by Abbas Soodbar with a background of experience since 1993 (as a part of Soodbar General Trading).is distributing a variety of truck, construction, bus and generators spare parts such as:
– Engine, mounting and equipment
– Electric systems and instruments
– Transmissions
– Brakes
– Axles, Suspensions and Steering
– Frame, Spring, shocks and wheels
– Body, Cab and Interior
– Miscellaneous
For many kinds of Volvo, Scania, Mercedes Benz Trucks and Deutz(KHD) engines we have a list of parts manufactured by the most famous and well-known European companies.

Also, we have a list of parts for Volvo Generators, Volvo bus and Volvo construction which will cover the needs of our customers in these fields
SPEED SENSOR Suitable for

Volvo Trucks
FH/FM, FH12, FH16, FM12FM9AT2412, AT2412E, AT2412F, ATO2612ATO2612E, ATO2612F

Volvo Bus
B12B, B12M, B12R, B13RB6R, B7R, B9RAT2412, AT2412E, AT2412F, ATO2612ATO2612E, ATO2612F

Renault Trucks
AT2412, AT2412E, AT2412F, ATO2612ATO2612E, ATO2612F
Product News

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