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SENSOR ABS 20428943

SENSOR ABS 20428943

SENSOR ABS 20428943, 20566832


The ABS Sensor 20428943 is a critical component in a vehicle’s Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), contributing to enhanced safety and control during braking maneuvers. This article aims to provide a detailed exploration of the ABS sensor, its functionalities, types, reasons for potential failure, and guidance on purchasing from the reputable Soopart online shop.

Understanding the ABS Sensor 20428943

The ABS Sensor 20428943 is an integral part of the Anti-lock Braking System, designed to monitor the speed of individual wheels. This sensor plays a crucial role in preventing wheel lock-up during braking, contributing to safer and more controlled stops.

Key Functions:

  • Wheel Speed Monitoring: Measures the rotational speed of each wheel.
  • Anti-lock Braking Control: Provides real-time data to the ABS system to prevent wheel lock-up.
  • Enhanced Steering Control: Enables better steering control during emergency braking.

Types of ABS Sensors

1. Inductive ABS Sensors:

  • Use electromagnetic induction to generate signals.
  • Common in older vehicle models.

2. Magnetic ABS Sensors:

  • Rely on magnets and magnetic fields to produce signals.
  • Widely used in modern vehicles for their reliability.

3. Hall Effect ABS Sensors:

  • Utilize the Hall Effect to generate electrical signals.
  • Known for their precision and responsiveness.

4. Optical ABS Sensors:

  • Use light to detect wheel speed.
  • Found in some high-performance and luxury vehicles.

Reasons for ABS Sensor Failure

1. Dirt and Debris Accumulation:

  • Dirt and debris on the sensor can disrupt its function.

2. Magnetic Ring Damage:

  • Damage to the magnetic ring, often located on the wheel hub, can affect sensor readings.

3. Electrical Issues:

  • Faulty wiring or poor electrical connections can lead to sensor failure.

4. Excessive Vibration:

  • High levels of vibration, common in off-road driving, can impact sensor longevity.

5. Corrosion:

  • Exposure to corrosive substances can lead to sensor deterioration.

Purchasing from Soopart Online Shop

The ABS Sensor 20428943 is available for purchase on the Soopart online shop, a trusted platform known for providing quality automotive components. Customers can explore product details, check compatibility, and confidently place orders, benefiting from Soopart’s commitment to reliability and customer satisfaction.


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The ABS Sensor 20428943 is a crucial element in a vehicle’s safety system, contributing to stable and controlled braking. Understanding its types, potential failure factors, and the availability on the Soopart online shop empowers consumers to make informed decisions when seeking replacement parts. By exploring the functionalities and significance of the ABS sensor, individuals can ensure the continued safety and performance of their vehicle’s braking system




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Volvo OE Reference Number: 20566832, 20428943

Part Number: SEN-832Category: Instruments, contacts & sensors
Weight: 0,140kg


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