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NEUTRAL SWITCH 21318083, 22194568, 22354201, 3197871, 7421318083


The neutral switch is a crucial component in the functionality of a vehicle’s transmission system. In this article, we will explore the specifics of the Neutral Switch 21318083, delving into its role, significance, and the convenience of acquiring it from the reputable Soopart online shop.

Understanding the Neutral Switch 21318083

The Neutral Switch 21318083, also known as the neutral safety switch or range sensor, is a vital part of a vehicle’s transmission system. It plays a pivotal role in ensuring the engine can only start when the transmission is in the “Neutral” or “Park” position. This safety feature prevents accidental starts in gear, enhancing both driver and vehicle safety.

Key Functions:

  • Starting Safety: Ensures the engine starts only when the transmission is in “Neutral” or “Park.”
  • Indicator Signal: Communicates the gear position to the vehicle’s onboard computer.
  • Backup Light Activation: Illuminates the backup lights when the vehicle is in reverse.

Importance of the Neutral Switch in a Vehicle

  1. Prevents Accidental Starts: Enhances safety by preventing the engine from starting while the vehicle is in gear.
  2. Transmission Protection: A malfunctioning neutral switch can affect the transmission’s shifting patterns, potentially leading to damage.
  3. Indicator for the Vehicle’s Computer: Provides essential information about the gear position to the vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU).
  4. Backup Light Activation: A functional neutral switch ensures proper illumination of backup lights, enhancing visibility in reverse.

Signs of a Failing Neutral Switch

  1. Difficulty Starting the Vehicle: The engine may not start in the “Neutral” or “Park” position.
  2. Unintended Starts in Gear: The engine may start in gears other than “Neutral” or “Park.”
  3. Inoperative Backup Lights: Failure to illuminate backup lights when in reverse.
  4. Transmission Shifting Issues: Incorrect signals to the ECU can lead to erratic transmission behavior.

Availability on Soopart Online Shop

The Neutral Switch 21318083 is available for purchase on the Soopart online shop, a trusted platform known for providing high-quality automotive components. Customers can explore the product details, check compatibility, and conveniently order the neutral switch with the assurance of Soopart’s commitment to quality.


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Understanding the role and importance of the Neutral Switch 21318083 in a vehicle’s transmission system is crucial for maintaining safety and optimal functionality. The availability of this essential component on the Soopart online shop provides a reliable solution for vehicle owners, ensuring they can acquire quality parts to address transmission-related issues effectively. By exploring the functions, significance, and signs of a failing neutral switch, consumers can make informed decisions to enhance the performance and safety of their vehicles.




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Suitable for

Volvo OE Reference Number: 21318083, 22194568, 22354201, 3197871

Renault OE Reference Number: 7421318083

Part Number: SEN-083Category: Instruments, contacts & sensors
Weight: 0,054kg


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