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Alberta opens first commercial hydrogen fueling station

alberta opens first commercial hydrogen fueling station 660bce2485ec3 - Alberta opens first commercial hydrogen fueling station

Alberta opens first commercial hydrogen fueling station

Blackjacks Roadhouse is home to Alberta’s first commercial hydrogen fueling station.

The opening, celebrated March 27, marks the first such station that will help comprise a hydrogen fueling network across Western Canada. Partners in its installation include PrairiesCan, the Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA), Nikola Motor Canada (a subsidiary of Nikola Corp.), Suncor, Leduc County, Emissions Reduction Alberta, and Blackjacks Roadhouse.

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith speaks at the opening of Alberta’s first commercial hydrogen fueling station. (Photo: Edmonton Global via X)

It’s a Hyla-branded fuel station, owned by Nikola’s hydrogen fueling station subsidiary. The station sits along Hwy. 2 in Leduc County, Alta., which is a vital trade corridor between Edmonton and Calgary.

The station will be used to fuel Nikola hydrogen fuel-cell-electric trucks being sold into the Western Canadian market. Western Canada is home to the 5,000 Hydrogen Vehicle Challenge, with a goal to deploy 5,000 hydrogen-fueled vehicles by 2028.

The modular Hyla fueler features a 700-bar pressure-fill system, filling trucks with Suncor-produced hydrogen. As demand grows, a permanent filling station will be installed there and the modular fueling system will be relocated to another site.

“Hydrogen is an important part of our future energy needs and Alberta is a keen partner in developing the technology and regulations needed to move hydrogen forward,” said Alberta premier Danielle Smith, who attended the opening. “It’s very exciting to see Alberta’s first commercial hydrogen fueling station and I look forward to watching further development and expansion of hydrogen use in the years to come.” 

Doug Paisley, chairman of the AMTA, added “AMTA is constantly working to support the advancement of Alberta’s zero-emission economy. The commercial transportation industry is integral to Alberta’s prosperity, and widespread investments into a cleaner future will continue our province’s economic development. Recent successful projects with partners PrairiesCan, Nikola, and Bison Transport have proven that zero-emissions vehicles (ZEV) are more than viable for operations in Alberta, and we are looking forward to the future.” 

Bison Transport has been running a Nikola hydrogen fuel-cell-electric truck in Alberta, recently completing a return trip between Calgary and Edmonton without refueling.

“This is a groundbreaking step towards a hydrogen-powered future and is a testament to the collaborative spirit driving sustainable innovation in Alberta,” said Ole Hoefelmann, president of energy for Nikola.  

“As Nikola Corporation joins hands with such visionary partners, we celebrate the launch of the first commercial hydrogen refueling station on Alberta’s bustling Highway 2. This initiative will look to propel Western Canada towards a cleaner, hydrogen-driven transportation sector. Together, we are fueling the momentum for a more resilient and sustainable tomorrow.” 

alberta opens first commercial hydrogen fueling station 660bce2485ec3 - Alberta opens first commercial hydrogen fueling station

logo2 - Alberta opens first commercial hydrogen fueling station

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